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Huggy Wuggy playtime chapter 2 is a horror puzzle game in which during exploring the toy-making factory you will face many hurdles like scary toys and blocked passages and doors. Our guides and different tricks help you to complete this chapter easily.
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Huggy wuggay also named poppy playtime is a puzzle game in which you can explore a toy-making factory. This is a series of horror puzzle games which is developed by Mipu Buka ltd co. After the success of chapter 1 publisher published another chapter named huggy wuggy chapter 2 playtime. The game starts from a task given by the developer like finding a poppy flower. Furthermore, the main goal of huggy wuggy in chapter 2 is to live alive i.e. survival by making good strategy.


Chapter 2 of huggy wuggy playtime has many distinct features. This is the best horror survival game because of its gameplay and beautifully designed graphics. Furthermore, the elements that add to the horror scenarios like blood, etc make the game more realistic. However, the full game hyggy wuggy chapter 2 download has incredible gameplay and sound effects.

Storyline and Gameplay:

The story starts with a toy named huggy wuggy. This was the favorite toy of a little girl. Both girl and toy had an emotional attachment with each other. Her parents throw huggy wuggy in the garbage and gave her daughter a new and big soft toy. In this scenario, huggy wuggy had some injuries. After that, a little scary doll poppy took huggy wuggy in a toy-making factory named playtime. Then repair that toy and convert it into a monster toy.
After that suddenly all workers of that factory disappeared. Huggy wuggy dis this because of poppy. The player has to solve the mystery of workers by completing given tasks and escaping from the factory alive. There are a lot of hurdles to pass and collecting items to unblock all passages. Once all passages are unblocked then finally huggy wuggy appears that may kill you. You have to escape alive from playtime and fall box on the monster that falls him and kills.

Tips and Guide:

If you are playing a survival horror strategy game for the first time then it may be difficult for you. But don’t worry because by using tips and other guidelines given can easily play this game.


Firstly at the start of the game developer give you a task to complete. This task may end the chapter like in chapter 1 the task was to find a poppy flower.

Tape Recordings:

During playing the game you find VHS tapes that are in different colors. These tapes have either audio or video recordings. By placing these tapes in the same colored tape player you will get some hints about strategies.


There are hands of different colors available. By using these hands you can pick things, open the unblocked doors and pick electricity wires. During playing the game the player must focus on their hands.

Huggy Wuggy Chapter 2 Map:

In addition to in-game items and unlimited coins or stars map also plays an important role. Because there are a lot of passages. When the player keeps in mind the map then it will be easy to play.

Electricity connection:

At many places to open a machine of factory or any closed area power of electricity requires. Therefore, during playing games make sure to supply electricity connection through short ways.

End of the Game:

At the last when huggy wuggy appeared you have to run through a long passage. The speed of running is swift. You have to choose one passage i.e right, left, or straightway. The pro tip is that you should run where danger is written or red-colored light-emitting.

Fall Huggy Wuggy:

The story does not end here. Because after escaping the monster toy must fall from the bridge and destroy. To do this use hands to fall the box exactly on the monster.

Scary Toys:

In this game, you not only explore the map of the playtime factory also remain safe from the scary toys.


How to download chapter 2 poppy playtime?

Firstly, click on the download button or given link. Wait until it completely downloads and then opens the installer. Let it install completely.

How to install Apk on android?

You can install poppy chapter 2 by clicking on the given link or download button following the above-given instructions.

How much does poppy playtime chapter 2 download cost?

This game is free to download. However, if you want to purchase an in-game item from the google play store then it costs a little bit of money.

Final Verdict:

In short, huggy wuggy chapter 2 playtime is a horror survival puzzle game. In this game, you will experience a lot of adventure during exploring toy-making factories and face many frightening conditions. The graphics and sound effects make this Mod download gratis more scary and fun. This is the best horror game for adventure-loving players. Descargar the game and experience the world of monster toys by solving puzzles.

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