Best Skyrim VR Mods 2022: Ultimate List Must Have

Skyrim VR has astonishing graphics and gameplay which is close to reality. By using available Mods you can enhance the gameplay.
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Skyrim is the game of series of The Elder Scrolls. This series is named The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim. These aeries are developed by the award-winning developers Bethesda Game Studios. There are many editions of Skyrim VR Mods that have been developed. For example, Skyrim special edition, Skyrim for Pc, and Skyrim for VR. Here we discuss Skyrim VR.


The elder scrolls – Skyrim VR is a full-length open-world game that is specially designed for VR or virtual reality. This is an epic fantasy masterpiece. Furthermore, it is a role-playing shooter video game. this vortex Skyrim VR has a sense of scale, depth, and immersion.

Top Skyrim VR Mods:

Without Skyrim VR Mod the game will not give pleasure. Mods are usually fan-made add-ons for the games. With these Skyrim VR essential Mods, you can do everything from the improvement of graphics to the movement of players. Although modding guide community adds plenty of new mechanics and Skyrim VR Mod list. However, here are some recommended Mods that work with Skyrim VR are available that you must have.

Required Plug-ins for Skyrim VR Modded Version:

Before going to the Mods, we first discuss plug-ins necessary to run these Mods with their full properties and properly.


This is a script extender that enables Mods to work with their full potential. Most of the Skyrim VR must-have mods require this plugin.

skyUI VR:

As name revealed UI i.e. user interface. Therefore it is a user interface replacement plugin. With this Mod you can easily navigate and get the enhanced version for VR.

Natural Locomotion:

This is another plug-in that controls the locomotion of the character through real-life movement. For example, move arms through swimming in the air, put trackers on legs and move legs, etc.

Best Mod Categories:

For most of the categories requires for nexus Skyrim VR. The list of that categories is below.

  • Combat Mods
  • Immersion Mods
  • Visual/Graphics Mods
  • Collision Mod
  • Blocking Mod
  • Performance Mod
  • Texture Mods
  • Navigation Mods
  • Quests Mod

Essential Mod Pack for Skyrim VR:

Here is a pack of some essential Mods available. By using these Mods from our cheat menu, you will enjoy the full thrill of the VR body Skyrim game with high potential and true 3D sound. Furthermore, a Mod guide with a Mod manager is also available which makes it easy for the beginner.


This is the best navigation and quality of life Mod. With this Mod you will get an alternate start through new VR-led mechanics. This adds some elements of realism like picking up and using items and weapon grabbing with hand collision.

VRIK (Player Avatar):

VRIK or player avatar make more realism to game with the full-body response. Therefore, this is a gesture-based Mod that animates your character in vortex Skyrim htc vive Mod.

Onyx – VR Weathers:

As the name revealed it controls the weather graphics of the game. This weather Mod is based on Obsidian weather. You can adjust it according to your need and make the game more adventurous and looks better like Ethereal Clouds.

MysteriousDawn’s HD Skyrim Overhaul:

This is the best texture Mod in Skyrim VR. This Mod improves the sharpness of the graphics like landscapes, farmhouses, and mountains.


Another graphic Mod that improves lighting, especially in nighttime makes it hyper-realistic.


Smilodon is the best Mod for combat purposes. This Mod adds in the AI of the game. Hence after using this cheat Mod you can block time and get an increased opportunity for attacks on immersive citizens.


This Mod is very useful during combats. In the normal version, you must open the menu first and then pick to use spells, soul gems, weapons, archery, potions, shuts, poisons, and powers. With this hack Mod, you can do anything without going to the menu bar.

The Forgotten City:

The first-ever Mod that wins the national writer’s guild award. This Mod has a distinct script and adds a new story mix of eight-hour duration. The story of this script revolves around a murder mystery in an ancient background city.

Skyrim VR Tools:

Some tools are required for this game. With these tools, you can play multiplayer mode. Furthermore, these tools control service to the other Skyrim VR best Mods.

Perk Extender:

VR perk extender is used to extend perks for some limited Mods. For example, Vanilla VR Skyrim has only 18 perks in a single tree of vanilla. With this Mod you will get extended perks up to 72 in a single tree.


How to Mod Skyrim VR for Pc?

You can use all Skyrim VR best Mods on Pc when playing this game without steam via a PC VR headset. Therefore, Pc Mods are available.

Can you Mod Skyrim VR?

Yes, you can play Skyrim with Mod by using above mentioned Mods.

How to Mod Skyrim VR with Vortex?

These available Mods works on all mediums including the vortex. If not working vortex then make sure the file of the Mod is placed in the game folder.

How to install Mods on Skyrim VR?

The method of installing Mods is not complicated. Firstly, register an account on nexus, then download vortex. Secondly, after installation and running of vortex click on the dashboard. After that click on the settings, then select the Mods tab. Finally, select the Mod you want to install.

How to download Mod for Skyrim VR?
If you want to download any mod for Skyrim VR then follow the above-given instructions.

How to add Mods to Skyrim VR?

You can add Mods to this game by downloading and installing the specific Mod you want. Furthermore, after downloading keep the file in the downloaded file folder.

Final Verdict:

In short, Skyrim VR has a huge list of Mods because everyone needs different Mods. However, essential Mod with Mod support mentioned on our website is the best Mods. With these mods, you will experience a new world of virtual games. Oculus rift Mod, enb, Fnis, and realistic water two are also available that create a realistic reflection of water. All these Mods also work on the Skyrim special edition. The fans of the elder scroll series also waiting for Skyrim VR 2 version.

Important Note: Our team at is always happy to assist you regarding any problem related to downloading and installation. If you have any queries, then contact us via email or leave a comment below.

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